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If you are an Entrepreneur or Network Marketer who is feeling stuck in the Social Media muck and don't seem to be gaining any traction with your current marketing strategies, I'd like to invite you to join Impact Increase, a faith-based community for Entrepreneurs who are tired of spinning their wheels, promoting products or services in a way that feels inauthentic and are ready to greatly increase their Kingdom Impact by adding value to and selflessly serving others.


You'll gain access to free business building resources, powerful marketing strategies, exclusive tips on up-leveling your impact in a way that glorifies God and have the ability to join group coaching programs and classes to help you leverage your influence within your unique market.

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The cornerstone of Impact Increase is the ability to discern the voice of God and the many ways He communicates with his children. In order to walk in obedience and abundance in our lives and businesses, we must learn to differentiate His voice from the Enemy's and our own and learn to tap into the Spirit of Truth daily so that we can fulfill our unique God-given purposes. 

For this reason,  I created a two-hour online intensive Masterclass called "Expressions of Heaven" to teach Entrepreneurs how to not only pray, but also listen with intent to the thoughts, purposes and plans of God's heart for their lives, marriages, families and businesses.


Each participant will receive a class Worksheet and a full 28-day Journal Prompts Workbook to apply what they learn in the class.


Interested in a one-week sample? Download your copy below!

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“Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

As Christians, we tend to focus on the latter half of this verse without fully understanding what it means to "delight in the lord." Our human nature has many desires; some godly, some not. So how do we know if our desires in business line up with GOD’S DESIRES? The key is found in Psalm 37:4.

What (or whom) we delight in, we desire with! 

In this free 4-day Facebook Workshop, you will discover how to delight in God's presence, allow Him to heal "business bruises," focus on His plan for the present and how to dream with Him about your business's future. Download your free worksheet below and join the community to participate.

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Say "NO" to the "Hey Girl," Movement. Say "YES" to serving well and adding value to others.

Friends, it is possible to attract an authentic audience and draw committed clients to your business without filling your social feeds with sales content or sending hundreds of "Hey Girl" messages to complete strangers and friends you haven't spoken to since High-School.

With this 5-step FREEBIE, you'll learn how to identify your core interests + core values, discover your niche audience, learn to discover pain points and learn how to genuinely share solutions in a way that attracts your ideal client TO YOU! Click below to download your FREEBIE today!

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As Christian business owners, we often find ourselves stuck in a rut when it comes to success, wealth and influence.

Perhaps we've even been taught that, as Christians, these things are wrong to have.

In this 5-day FREE Facebook Workshop, we will uncover the biblical principles of success, explore the lives of successful men and women in the bible and uproot the lies we have believed that have held us back from success, money and influence.

Download your FREE Workbook below!

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