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Mother and Daughter

The Trigger Taming Wheel

You swore you wouldn't be the yelling parent, but you regularly find yourself losing your cool, yelling at your kids and beating yourself up for it.

You swore you would speak differently to your children than the way you were spoken to as a child, but hurtful and harmful phrases seem to roll off your tongue far too easily.

You want to change so badly that it physically hurts.

You long to break the cycle and become the gentle, assertive, respectful parent you dream of being...but your triggers keep getting the best of you.

Managing your triggers as a cycle-breaking parent is often the most difficult part of breaking the cycle.

In a triggered moment, your mind is unable to access logic and reasoning and is only capable of responding out of impulse or emotion.


Your desire to be a Peaceful Parent is contending with so many rooted beliefs and subconscious thoughts stemming from your childhood that trickle into your reactions and responses as a parent and keep you from showing up as the mom or dad you so desperately want to be.

I have walked this road and I know this pain all too well.

The good news is that I found a way out.

Managing your triggers is TOTALLY possible when you know how to interrupt your brain's emotional and impulsive responses and override typical reactions.

There are 5 key steps I have found to be massively impactful in this process and I've now turned them into a new tool called "The Trigger Taming Wheel."

The Trigger Taming Wheel was designed to be a visual aid to assist you in grounding yourself when triggered so you are able to respond calmly & engage peacefully with your child, rather than letting your untamed emotions produce reactions you have to repair from.

This Wheel comes with a visual summary, followed by a detailed explanation of each step.

The files provided can be printed as posters to be hung on the walls in your home OR saved to your camera roll for easy access in the moments you feel out-of-control.

And the best is less than $5!!!

Grab your Trigger Taming Wheel today for $4.99!

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